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Margaret Keelan
Fanciful Histories – Ceramic Sculptures 

May 20th - June 21st, 2015 • Gallery III

Artist Statement

"For the past few years my sculptures have been glazed, stained, fired, then glazed, stained and fired again to give the surfaces the look of disintegrating paint over weathered wood. This softening and reduction of form so that its essential nature is revealed is a metaphor I am using for life being lived, my exploration of the process of growing up and growing older. These latest small sculptures recall the “Santos” figures of Mexico and Central America and incorporate a reproduced 19th century doll head. Although my figures echo contemporary concerns, the borrowing of earlier styles gives them more of an ageless quality. Linda Gastrom, Professor of Art, states, 'The subject conveys a sweet sentimentality twisted into melancholy that touches my emotional core and helps me remember the complexities of childhood and life'."

Jenny Honnert Abell

May 20th - June 21st, 2015 Viewing Room

Jenny Honnert Abell’s artwork is filled with fantasy and imagination.  Loving nature, Abell’s imagery of birds on old book covers resembles the illustrations seen in early childhood fairytale books. Jenny’s work includes collage; it is an enigma of fine prints, drawings and patterns for the viewer to solve.  Her work is so detailed; even the smallest book cover has levels of complexity which are hard to comprehend.  This new exhibition includes her ubiquitous birds along with her interest in depicting trees and other flora and fauna with her magical vision and her complex collages.

State of Nature IV

Painting, Photography & Sculpture

May 20th - June 21st, 2015 • Gallery I&II

Gail Severn Galley's "State of Nature IV" group exhibition will explore our open air environment through the eyes of our represented artists. The show will feature many different disciplines of painting, sculpture and photography.

Artists included in this exhibition are Victoria Adams, James Cook, David deVillier, Betsy Eby, Michael Gregory,  Valerie Hammond, Lisa Kokin, Hung Liu, Lynda Lowe, Robert McCauley, Laura McPhee,  Kenna Moser, Gwynn Murrill, Ed Musante, Christopher Reilly, Rene Rickabaugh, Jane Rosen, Brad Rude, Anne Siems, Jack Spencer, Allison Stewart, Boaz Vaadia, Theodore Waddell  and David Wharton.