• 208-720-9929 (map)
  • 480 4th Ave N
  • Ketchum, ID, 83340

 You will find producers selling fruits, vegetables and flowers seasonally available, honey, cheese, eggs, meats. This year there will be more great prepared food offerings from  Best of Bellevue, Raspberry’s, Nourishme, Wood River Ranch and Blue Sage Farm including salads, soups, crackers, cookies, gyros (lamb and cheese), sliders (beef) and many other products. Lots of baked goods, artisan breads, pie and other desserts, jams, jellies, sauces, and dressings. Some crafts including jewelry, pottery, handmade wood products, cutting boards, dog bowls and more. There will be a knife and tool sharpener every Tuesday, so bring your garden tools and kitchen knives to get them in great working condition and ready for the season. Bring your outdoor market basket along, or buy one there!

The market is now accepting food stamps! This is made possible in partnership with the Hunger Coalition and generous sponsors including The Sage School, DL Evans Bank, and NourishMe and our Fresh bucks program where you can double your money, spend $20 from your EBT card and get $40 while funds last to purchase fresh food.

Different musicians are featured each week for your enjoyment.