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Join Dave Adler for a recap of the Supreme Court this past term, with an emphasis on some of the most significant decisions, including the same-sex marriage case, the affordable health care case, and an important case–Zivotofsky v. Perry, which dealt with the issue of presidential vs. presidential power in foreign affairs.

David Adler is President of The Sun Valley Institute, a non-profit organization created to promote civic education and civil dialogue. Adler has taught courses on the Constitution and the Supreme Court at all three universities in Idaho. He has held the Andrus Professorship at Boise State University and the McClure Professorship at the University of Idaho, where he held a joint appointment in the College of Law and the Department of Political Science. Previously, he was Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Constitutional Studies at Idaho State University. He remains an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Idaho College of Law.